Friday, January 13, 2017


remains of an ancient city in Xochicala, Mexico

We all begin life in a cave - the womb. . . cozy and comfortable, but limited. Some of us never emerge, and the shadows on the wall become our reality -  resulting in moments of political and social history such as the one we're experiencing now.  How do we experience truth? First we must escape from the cave, broaden our vision, and recognize that the shadows are in fact not the forms. The prisoners have to want to leave the cave - they have to have at least enough imagination or enough faith to believe that there is something else, something better.

la mañana

Oaxaca, Mexico

My mom likes to tell the story of my birth. I've never been sure how exaggerated it is, but it's a good story either way. She already had two boys (my bros) and was hoping for a girl. . . but because of my unusually fast heartbeat, the doctor thought I was going to join the ranks of men and end up being named Brendan or Andrew. So with this heightened sense of expectation and hope, there was a group of student nurses who asked if they could stay in her room and observe the birth. She agreed. When I emerged as a girl, everyone applauded. . . and hence has followed my fame and fortune here on the planet Earth. Move over, Beyonce!

moon rise in Guanajuato

It's important to change perspective - move around, experience different people, places, things and ideas. From different angles, you can reflect and project differently. This is how we both escape from the cave, and how we maintain a life outside of it.